You’ll Be Coming With Us

Posted: 8th July 2011 by affehaus in design, I made, words

When Greg left the bar he was more than ‘a little’ tipsy.  He was also a more than a little disappointed that he was going home alone again.  But being not-happy about it didn’t mean that he was unaccustomed to it.  He was shuffling down the alley, wallowing in his discontent when…

“Gregory Quince?”

He began to turn, a bit unsteadily…
And as he spun, so did the surrounding buildings; that is—they appeared to swirl.  Between the shifting landscape, and the figures that now stood before him, Greg was having a difficult time reconciling the events with the reality that he was accustomed to.
I must be… dreaming?
he thought.
‘You’ll be coming with us’, they said.
But that wasn’t entirely accurate, because the sounds only occurred inside his head.
This may be
, they thought at him, a little uncomfortable.
And with that, Greg had a very unique sensation, much, he imagined, like having one’s spine pulled through one’s navel.



  1. James says:

    OOooooooOOooooo….. Illustrations for a new book?!?!
    Spine through the navel… you makin’ fun of my Umbilical Hernia?

  2. affehaus says:

    Sir… I would never jest about something so unpleasant. Besides, I think it’s more likely a ‘chest burster’ that just hasn’t made it all the way… and that is no laughing matter (at least, not out loud)