Posted: 9th January 2013 by affehaus in cultural, things we didn't really need

Is this really something that children are clamoring for?  Is this something that anyone would want?
I certainly don’t object to Playmobile marketing it, but it boggles my tiny little mind that it seemed like a good idea.
I’d want this right after I got the ‘I-95 at rush-hour clover leaf’, and the ‘proctological exam play-set’.  Aren’t toys supposed to represent the activities that we’d like to do in real-life, but can’t?
And, is it my imagination, or do the operator & guard look like SS officers?

At Amazon; page says currently unavailable, so I perhaps there is a market for it.  Perhaps for the budding control freak or voyeur?  I don’t think Playmobile figures have cavities to search…

Really, if this were April?  It would be funny.
But it’s not, so it’s just… weird.


via Laughing Squid

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