Woman of the Knight

Posted: 3rd October 2011 by affehaus in cultural, geek stuff, not a sports blog

Sorry– couldn’t resist that.

So, extreme jousting is a thing. I didn’t know that. But the way I found out was: the Girl in the Yellow Hat sent me an article about Jessica Post, who represents a growing trend of women who are embracing this sport.
Extreme jousting is a bit of a misnomer; it’s really just jousting… where it’s all the other iterations and modifications of the sport that need qualifiers: mock-jousting (what usually occurs at renn-fests), jousting-without-consequence [using rings as targets (the Maryland State Sport!)]…
Where as what Ms. Post practices is merely the sport as it was intended*: two grown people riding as hard as they can on thundering beasts, trying to skewer each other with a ten-foot stick. That’s something I can get behind. Now all I need is a horse. And some armor for Lucy.

* so, I’m taking a small liberty here. Obviously it wasn’t ‘intended’ for women to participate… but that’s just repressive misogyny of the era. Therefore, the sport is still the same; it’s the participant-pool that is growing.