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Posted: 27th June 2011 by 7ucyClark in cultural, design, humor

A monument in Bulgaria commemorating the republic’s ‘liberation’ at the hands of the Soviet Union has received an interesting make-over.
The artist, calling himself Banksy of Bulgaria, has interpreted the figures as icons of American culture, both creative and corporate (I think Santa Claus sort of walks the beam between the two).
The legend below reads “Moving with the times”.

So… while it appears whimsical, and is definitely amusing… it’s sort of difficult to not view the ‘work’ as an indictment of the infringing of western commercialism– especially given the artist’s appropriation of name.
But ultimately, what it looks like to me?  My playroom floor when I was eight.  Because when you’re a kid, context is defined by the toys you have on hand. And, goddammit… Ronald McDonald does have superpowers!


thanks to the Girl in the Yellow Hat for the link

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