video game premiers at Tribeca Film Fest

Posted: 30th March 2011 by 7ucyClark in games, geek stuff

So… this is interesting. I’ve been out of the game loop for a while now… haven’t really played anything that didn’t involve a teleport-kick, or evading police in a car the value of my annual income (x5), for a couple of years.
But L.A. Noir could very conceivably change that. “Groundbreaking” game play where NPC characterizations are nuanced enough to influence player actions and deductions.
If this is true (too early to be April Fools joke, yes?), it would be the first solid indication that film studio’s greatest fears are on the horizon: a truly interactive cinematic experience.
The game releases May 17th.

found via Geeks of Doom

  1. Yeah I heard about this! First time a video game has been featured this way… what does it mean for games in the future?

    • affehaus says:

      Ummm… if I were to guess? I think it will broaden the scope of ‘games’. Things previously unachievable because of rendering/variable limitations will become possible: surgery sims? Poker sims? Hopefully it means the end of ‘flashy’ clues in an adventure game.
      On the negative side, it could increase gratuitous cut-scenes for the mere fact that the studios want to show-off their abilities.
      But in the long run, as the narrative/interactive scope of the games expand, and the barriers between games and movies breakdown, I believe it’s conceivable that a category for games could emerge in the Academy awards. After all… cinema is the ‘technique of making moving pictures’, yes?
      But, what do I know? I’m just a monkey with a keyboard.

  2. I mean in level of interest and interactiveness not in graphics btw!