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Posted: 6th October 2011 by affehaus in cultural, not a sports blog

I am officially “old”.
The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is opening a new exhibit.

The [Museum] acquired a skateboard deck ridden by renowned skateboarder Tony Hawk following the closing ceremony of the Quiksilver All 80s All Day Vert Challenge Jan. 7.
The board is a 1986 Tony Hawk pro model Powell-Peralta deck ridden in competition by Hawk in the mid-1980s with graphics by Vernon Courtland Johnson (“VCJ”)—an influential skate artist credited with introducing the skull to skate graphic culture.
This acquisition launches a broader collecting initiative focusing on skateboarding and skate culture in collaboration with the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation based at the National Museum of American History. The museum is interested in the material culture of skateboarding, including archival items, equipment, technology and other paraphernalia.

If a sport that was in its infancy at the same time that I was is being inducted into a museum– a museum of fricken’ history…
“Archival items”, indeed.
Well– it’s obviously time for me to turn out to pasture. Going out today to get my walker; maybe I can get one with graphics by VCJ.

  1. James says:

    I thought we put thoroughbreds out to Stud.

  2. affehaus says:

    Sir is entirely too kind.
    But– that’s certainly an alternative that I can embrace (no pun intended).
    “Jaded Monkey Stud Services”. Yes. I like.