This Just In: Corporation Has Head Up Ass

Posted: 5th January 2012 by affehaus in cultural, food stuffs, tv

Doritos is running a ‘write our ad for us’ competition, which is, on the surface, a brilliant idea. They get publicity from the contest, and someone else does the brilliant creative bit so that Frito Lay doesn’t have to pony-up further monies to an advertising agency.
But then they go rejecting this:

Now, I’ve watched each of the current entries up for voting… and I am a worse person for it. There was one spot (Hot Wild Girls) that was the clear winner amongst the others in the field; but it paled in comparison to Make Your Own Doritos. Seriously? Four out of the five spots that are on the Doritos site would make me get out of a chair to change the channel. They offend.
But, I guess there’s no surprise there… I’m easily offended [by “blinkered philistine pig ignorance”]

via Geeks Are Sexy

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