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Posted: 23rd August 2011 by 7ucyClark in games, geek stuff

Lucious: game where you play as devil spawn.  That, in itself, is interesting.  But the goal of the game is to eliminate all of the tenants in the house, using your demonic gifts.  Now that’s a concept I can embrace.

Lucius is the son of the devil who has to clear the mansion of it’s residents. To do this he must orchestrate “accidents” without anyone suspecting him of any foul play. The player starts as Lucius and must cleverly devise these incidents from simple household items. Every time he succeeds he will gain supernatural powers to help him take full control.
His growing supernatural powers may be used in various ways. He will eventually become able to control objects and people with mind power, move objects around without touching them. Lucius even has the incredible mind power to dictate weak people into causing destruction and pain.
The mansion is full of unrevealed mysteries that paint a story behind the family and how it became tangled with evil, but what is already clear is that Lucifer had taken the soul of the boy and replaced it with his own blood.

The developers have incorporated elements of several movies of the genre, which, I suppose, is expected.  The kid certainly looks enough like Harvey Stephens from The Omen.

I think what intrigues me the most about this game is the fact that the whole thing is contained within the house and its grounds; therefore, the creators have the opportunity to really invest the environment with character and detail.  I do want to discover the mysteries of the family, and how they became involved with the ‘diabolical’, much as I did with the Roivas estate in Eternal Darkness… but, alas, I can’t.  This is a PC game.  I don’t do PC.

But that’s Ok… the graphics look ‘hitchy’, the mechanics awkward, and the… the…
Nah– I’m just being pissy.  The thing has some really solid potential.

Coming out in Spring, 2012


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