Posted: 1st June 2012 by affehaus in design, not a sports blog

Tournament has been all over the ESPNs, and it’s a difficult thing to avoid when in the gym (though I try… quite frankly, the ‘flopping‘ annoys* me).  And given the ubiquitous coverage, the UEFA logo is rather conspicuous.

At first glance, the logo maybe innocuous enough… but after repeated exposure to it, I can’t help notice how much the central sphere looks like a pelvic region with crotchless pants.

yeah. Given the floral nature of the logo, I’m thinking they’re looking to reference the ‘birds and the bees’. Subtle, Europe.

*”annoys”, in the same sense that I am ‘annoyed’ by the antics of stupid people looking for attention. You know what? ‘Offended’ would be a better word.

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