The Little Hurricane that Could…

Posted: 30th August 2011 by affehaus in miscellaneous

So… Irene has come and gone.  And in spite of all the devastation and chaos the media promised, all we got were a couple of downed trees and some power outages (in Baltimore, that is… I can’t speak for New Jersey.  But then, who can?).  No flooded city; no roofs spun off of houses… really, given the media build-up, it was a bit of an anticlimax*.
She did seem to accomplish one thing, however, before she wheezed out of existence.  On her way through Connecticut, it seems that she managed to knock out all the 7ucy servers, and my site was down until late last night.
But I’s back now.  Yay me.  Yay, 7ucy.  Boo, Connecticut.





*If the Girl in the Yellow Hat could read that, she’d find me and stuff that ‘climax’ right up my ‘anti’-hole.  She’s been without power since Saturday night.
Everything in her ‘fridge is turning to poo.

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