The Fall of the House of Poe

Posted: 28th September 2011 by affehaus in cultural

I’m often given to disgust regarding the city in which I reside. Now I have fresh reason.

Because of poor budgeting and questionable priorities, the Edgar Allen Poe House & Museum is now in jeopardy. Baltimore City no longer has funding to support it, and has declared that the museum now has to sustain itself. It’s been estimated that the museum would need about $85,000 annually to stay afloat. There is currently a “small charge” for admission… but as the debt for sustained operation accumulates, that ‘small charge’ will increase, thereby decreasing the number of patrons. Ah… the self-defeating paradox. Poe would have appreciated the irony.
It seems further ironic that there is a major motion picture due out next year starring John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe. It’s interesting to consider that the museum might not make it long enough to enjoy the fresh publicity and resurgence of interest.
Additionally: the Girl in the Yellow Hat pointed out that the city has no problem spending umbitty-million dollars to purchase and support a National League Football team that they so proudly named after the esteemed author’s work… but they can’t see fit to allocate funds to keep the eponymous museum alive.