The Blissful Ignorance of being a Geek Tourist

Posted: 29th March 2011 by 7ucyClark in geek stuff, movies

So—a thousand comic book properties are coming out on film in the next couple of years: Capt. America, Thor, X-mens, Green Lantern, Dylan Dog, Superman, Batman… etc.
Naturally, I’m Ok with that. But… I’m actually better than Ok. Because I’m a tourist… I know ‘of’ the characters, I enjoy the idea of them… but I’m not reading the titles; sometimes I’ll check out a Wikipedia entry if I need clarification on something. The only property I really got involved in was Batman… and the latest tooling of the movies has been pretty darned good. The others? I’ve got a passing familiarity with most of them, but really nothing more. So when the movies come out, if they happen to be good movies, I’ll be happy. None of the fan-boy umbrage that accompanies the vicarious raping of a title they feel vested in.
I saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I liked it; had a good time. I understand that Alan Moore happily disassociated himself from the product… and I suspect that the graphic novel is a far superior work (must see about that); but none of that diminishes my enjoyment of the fun popcorn-burner that is the film.
Really– I think– in this regard, I may have the best of both worlds: I’m allowed the exposure to the product without actually having to invest the time and pain in becoming a vested disciple.
And the paste tastes good.

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