That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore

Posted: 7th September 2011 by affehaus in book, cultural, geek stuff

One of the more pleasant activities of adolescence is reading educational material that you might not realize is educational at the time; the things that will help you be a better person, and eventually (hopefully), a decent adult. Dr. Suess’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go helps prepare children for the larger world outside the home; Grimm’s fairytales teaches them that all villains will meet a baroque and torturous demise.
And now children have a book that will help them adjust to the eventual zombie apocalypse.
That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore is an instructive children’s (ostensibly speaking) book written by Matt Mogk, founder of the Zombie Research Society [I know… I thought the same thing. There’s a Zombie Research Society!? Yes], that helps kids recognize a zombie outbreak and protect themselves against attack… even from undead that might have previously been cherished members of the family.

Kids these days have the best stuff.
$9.99, via Think Geek

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