[sur]Real Estate

Posted: 15th August 2011 by 7ucyClark in cultural, design, geek stuff, the List

There’s this blog– Designer Land– that I frequent, in particular, during times where I’m needing equal parts inspiration and humility (and believe me that’s an awkward cocktail…).  The site is run by a fellow named Richard Terpstra, who, among other things, works as a designer for Disney.

He’s been working on a series of logos inspired by the faux-real estate/developer companies that the Disney entity created for the purposes of  scooping up swamp land for the Disney World campuses.

They’re prettty Ok, I guessss.
[keyboard currently awash in jealous sseething– makes keeyss ssttickkk]



Mr. Terpstra.  Welcome to the List… though, quite frankly, that’s more by virtue of your connections and employment than your (impressive, though it is) work catalog.