Superhero’s Bust

Posted: 30th August 2011 by affehaus in comics, design, geek stuff, movies

Available at Neatorama shop.

That’s what the pundits have been claiming for a couple years now, anyway… ever since the glut of superhero/comic book movies. They’ve been claiming that the ‘bubble’ has exceeded, or is on the horizon of exceeding, its surface-tension. Hasn’t happened yet.
Anyway–that has absolutely nothing to do with the sculpture banks that Neatorama is selling. But because I’m a word-centric monkey, I couldn’t help myself.
And the representative photo seems appropriate, as the impending Spiderman reboot is likely to be a total bust.  But, really… I think Green Lantern would’ve been more appropriate.

Then again, maybe they didn’t want to associate ‘total-vortex suck’ with a place where one is supposed to place money.

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