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The Rector Van Pelt

As ‘spiritual leader’ of the Summit Hill area, the Rector Van Pelt is frequently found delivering sermons unto the local townsfolk, and preaching the auspices and virtues of the Great Pumpkin. He wanders about the little burg in his robin’s egg blue mantle, walking staff* in hand, delivering homilies and advice, and generally trying to maintain a peaceful community.
His orations are typically well intentioned and balanced, and on his good days, he preaches tolerance and good will to men. As discord occurs, the Rector has, as a rule, acted as intermediary between belligerents, doing his best to patch the rift in a fair and expeditious manner.
In spite of being one of the younger residents of Summit Hill, the Rector Van Pelt is recognized as being also one of the most intelligent, and certainly the most philosophical.
The esteemed spiritualist has the dubious honor of being younger brother to the Dr. Van Pelt. This relationship is noteworthy in that it is entirely possible that the Rector’s life-path had been imposed upon him by his sister, not only by the abuses heaped upon him by her, but also by the insistence that he adhere to her rigidly empirical credo. It is documented that whenever possible, his sister would destroy any aspect of young Linus’ creativity, by whatever means were handy. Prior to her residency, Lucy once destroyed an adobe maquette that Linus had designed by crushing it with a velocipede. This is, by many, is considered the impetus which drove Linus to embrace the theological attitudes, in an effort to distance himself as much as possible (dogmatically and thematically) from his infamous sister.
It is known, however, that the Rector has within him a darker side, one that he is at constant war with. He is periodically taken into a foul mood (which seems to be seasonally driven), and as his melancholy is upon him, his discourses deteriorate into rants, promising suffering and damnation for all who don’t yield before his deity.
It remains a curious fact that all of the Rector’s perceived ‘enemies’ (largely those critical of his faith) have gone missing, with the singular exception of his sister.
It is of further note that the Rector Van Pelt is the object of Sally Brown’s unrequited love (to, for whatever reason, his apparent shame).

The Cult of the Great Pumpkin
To suggest that Pastor Linus is a disciple of the Cult of the Great Pumpkin would be mildly disingenuous, as he is the disciple. In spite of his best efforts and tireless proselytizing, he has failed entirely at converting anyone to his order.

AKA: the Shepherd; the ‘zealot’

*Also his principle symbol of faith, as it resembles an implement of gardening and harvest.

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