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Posted: 24th February 2013 by affehaus in comics, cultural, design, geek stuff, I made
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Sally Brown

The Dame Sally Brown

Dame Sally is a solitary figure. Once a woman of sunny and youthful disposition, she vested her affections upon a uniquely unreceptive, and in fact, rather callous and self-absorbed individual. Given her passionate nature, Sally threw all of her self into a fully-committed campaign to breach the unyielding facade of the Ascetic figure. However, the continual and unsympathetic rebuffing caused Sally Brown to withdrawal from society at large. She quickly became a recluse, seeking solace in the immutable reliability of inanimate objects. Over time, she came to regard elements of architecture with a special fondness.

One of the more curious stories surrounding the Dame Brown is the idea that she’s able to manipulate the inanimate objects to which she has dedicated her affections. Most discredit this notion as the result of a combination of coincidence and exaggeration, but many notable luminaries support the claims. In fact, it is the belief of the Doctor Van Pelt that the abusively passive/aggressive repudiation of her fellow that caused Dame Brown’s total personality-inversion had the additional result of sublimating whatever ‘skills’ the she might possess

Dame Brown was rewarded the Order of the Empire for deeds that aided domestic defense against the enemy. Her works have been highly classified, but it’s said that without her efforts, Greater St. Paul would have fallen under the Hun’s attacks.
She currently lives in an abandoned schoolhouse, in spite of her political status and familial relations.

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