Steampunk Peanuts

Posted: 19th October 2012 by affehaus in comics, cultural, design, geek stuff, I made

Benjamin [last name unknown]

Big Ben

Great of stature in both size and intellect, Benjamin was recognized early on as a prodigy.
At the age of 4, he’d independently theorized the concept of a steam powered turbine.
At 6, he developed a patent for the coal-fueled thinking engine.
By the time he’d graduated from the St Paul Institute of Technology (slogan: if you didn’t graduate from St Paul Institute of Technology, you don’t know S.P.I.T.), Benjamin was being courted by all the prestigious industrial concerns around the globe, yet he elected to remain close to home, taking the position of chief engineer at the Brick Wall munitions factory.
A gifted technician with a passion for precision, Benjamin was able to arrange components into spaces that appeared to defy physics. As such, he has a lucrative trade as a freelance contractor. It is his workshop that Dr. Franklin contracted to fabricate Ms. Reichardt’s prosthetic arm.
As work accumulated, Benjamin relocated his offices into the boiler room, so as to be closer to his craft. As a lark, one of his colleagues stenciled his epithet, Big Ben, over his door. Over time, portions of the sign became obscured, and the only visible segments suggested the moniker “Pig Pen”.  As a result of his focus on work and the sooty nature of his environment, the new nickname eventually displaced the original.
One associate had been heard to remark, regarding the clouds of particulate that perpetually accompany Benjamin, that ‘he carries with him “the dust of ancient civilizations”’.

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