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Posted: 14th August 2012 by affehaus in comics, cultural, design, games, I made

Sqn Ldr Snoopy

The renowned fighter pilot Snoopy has the honor of being Squadron Leader of the Daisy Hill Irregulars, a group of attack dirigibles.
Their daring bomb runs are the things of legend, flying into heavily fortified areas and destroying targets where no other squadron was able to penetrate. On more than one occasion, Snoopy has led his team over the target, dropped the payload, and escaped, winding a serpentine route between the anti-aircraft flak exploding left and right. Only his preternatural skill as a pilot and strategist has kept them aloft.
To date, as Squadron Leader, Snoopy has lost only 7 craft, over more than 60 missions.

When not on flight duty, Snoopy is particularly fond of chow time, and has been known to do a ‘happy dance’.
He is quite gifted at impressions, and the High Command has, on more than one occasion, considered sending Snoopy in as a covert agent. No known missions have occurred to date, but it’s rumored that Agent Snoopy has infiltrated the enemy lines more than once.
While his martial exploits are (mostly) a matter of public record, the Squadron Leader’s personal life is conducted with a degree of discretion that would rival most ‘black book’ ops. All that is known is that he may have a paramour, and if he did, she may be known as ’the French Lass’.

Known aliases: Joe, Sniffy

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