Sci Fi Channel Has Been Sniffing Glue

Posted: 6th December 2011 by affehaus in tv

“Imagine Greater” is their current slogan. I can’t help but think that should read, ‘Imagine Grammar’.
It was bad when they forsook the natural spelling of the genre that gives them their identity, and ‘streeted’ it up into what looks like (I realize I’m not the first to observe this; I don’t care) short-hand for syphilis… but now the network is just throwing words together for a slogan. What’s next?
‘Envisage Infinite’?
Perhaps they’ll start making up (more) words?
‘Fantimaginey Ginormico’?
Hmmmm…I kind of like that one.
Sci fi? I’m willing to lease that out for a small monetary compensation. And what little remains of your integrity.

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