Additional Content for Following a Jaded Monkey

By affehaus

a couple of other things relating to the page content (cited strictly for anthropological purposes):

Onions are evil; this is an absolute. So has it always been, so forever shall it be.
And by that virtue, anything possessing evil will have become evil itself.

There is a List. It is populated by people who are impressively skilled at things that I aspire to, specifically, but not limited to (and in no specific order): bicycling, climbing, artistic expression, parkour, possessing/manufacturing really cool things, skiing, anything that is an event in the X-games–– and of course, getting paid for doing any of the aforementioned.
And Neil Gaiman*.
The List is, by no means, definitive, as it is an organic, ever-growing thing, and has the capacity to evolve as I become aware of things/activities I’m inclined to, and people I hate because they do it better than me.
There are no established awards for being on The List, but it’s a given that should I come into contact with any of the luminaries so honored, I will bestow upon them accolades. As I am a monkey, and specifically, one of a jaded variety, those accolades shall take the form of ‘poo’, naturally.

* He hasn’t done anything of note since the advent of The List, but because of past works, he’s earned an honorary seat.

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