Pussies and Semantics

Posted: 25th June 2011 by affehaus in cultural

So… there’s this.

Summer’s Eve, not satisfied with the contempt they earned from their Tracy Award winning print ad, has decided to  alienate the remainder of their customer base.  They’ve retained the services of Carlton the Cat to lead their crusade in supplanting the word “awesome” with “vaginal”.
Now– on a personal front, I have absolutely no problem with any of this.  I think the idea is amusing, and something I could embrace (no pun intended), and I think the ad is reasonably well done.  They’ve attained a nice degree of surrealism, and the spot is just pretentious enough to show that they’re not taking themselves too seriously.  And it’s funny; not just in the train-wreck sort of way.
I think I see the logic behind this?  The hygiene product is synonymous with a person that engages in the lowest forms of behavior; one who acts in manners both reprehensible and contemptible.  Douches.  That will never change.
So Summer’s Eve is trying to neologize the target of their product, and make it not only socially acceptable, but culturally endorsed.  That kind of makes sense… almost.  Sort of.
Well… no; not really.
But by-god, I have to give credit to Summer’s Eve for having the stones to pull the trigger on this, and put it out there.  The people who greenlit this campaign may be many things… but no one can call them pussies.

found via Scott Beale/Laughing Squid

Douche Quiz found via Written Under the Influence

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