Posted: 29th April 2011 by 7ucyClark in food stuffs

Today’s Pie: banana cream
Crust was a unique in its crisp character; I do not believe this is as the Pie Master intended, but I found that it crispness went well with the sweet filling, and the resistance it offered contrasted with the creamy nature of said filling. Oh, happy accident!
Filling was a three-layered creation: bottom– sliced banana, that I must note, maintained their integrity throughout the pie-creating process; middle– banana cream, which was, I’m happy to say, not overwhelmingly banana-ey; top– whipped cream. The whipped cream was very good to the palate, but it lacked structural integrity. The cream sort of ‘collapsed’ over several of the pieces… much like the way a sheep dog’s hair collapses over its eyes. But it was a neat look.
The Pie Master was not amused.

yay pie

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