Posted: 23rd December 2011 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s pie: pumpkin, experimental

Crust was good; had a nice flavor, but it wasn’t as flaky as the Pie Master’s crust usually is… more pliant than flaky. This may be a result of the crust being pre-baked (mod. 1), in an effort to prevent saturation from the filling. So, towards that end, the measure was effective.

The pie filling…
The pie was baked at a lower temperature than customary (mod. 2), so that the filling would have a more custard-like consistency. Egg white powder was added (mod. 3) so the pie would set-up under the lower temperature.
The results are, in my opinion, less-than favorable.
The filling does maintain its structural integrity when cut into wedge form, but it’s disconcertingly yielding. As soon as one takes a bite, it collapses into pumpkin slurry.
And the powdered egg gave the whole thing a very mild, but unmistakably bitter aftertaste.

Yay pie

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