Posted: 9th December 2011 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

jaded monkey is currently on location in Florida doing some important research/recreation.
In the meantime, She Who Shall Not Be Named is the official Pie-day correspondent.
And, so… without further preamble:

Today’s pie: lemon meringue

Crust had peanut oil, rather than the traditional lard shortening. The crust with peanut oil was actually good– good flavor and texture.
The meringue has, in the past, suffered with the Pie Master’s reluctance to use fresh egg white, favoring the ‘safer’ (and thereby, less rewarding) powdered egg whites, and/or cooked egg whites. This time the Pie Master tried adding meringue powder. The result was better than previous experiments with cooked egg whites and powdered egg whites, but still not as good as real meringue. Much better than other substitutes thus far, though.

yay pie

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