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Today’s piefecta:

In honor of the holiday, the Pie Master graced us with an abundance of irrational ratios.
Each of the crusts were exercises in perfection; they exhibited a structural soundness that was paradoxical when confronted with the tender and flaky nature of the pastry component. Each slice of pie did pass the ‘cantilever test’ with assiduity and aplomb.
I have it on good authority that these crusts were all “triple rolled”. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I suspect that the Pie Master must have studied under Hattori Hanzo.

The pumpkin pie was the Pie Master’s Pumpkin Pie.
It was the very definition of perfection, and the standard to which all pumpkin pies are judged.

The cherry pie was amazing; the cherries had a vibrant tartness that wakes the taste receptors in one’s mouth. They were cherries from the farm (don’t recall what variety), and had been frozen, but the time in the freezer did them no harm.

The mincemeats pie is not something that the Pie Master can take exclusive credit for. Brother of Pie Master (the guy that happens to occupy the farm from which the fruit comes) makes the filling (his own recipe), and Pie Master puts it in the crust. But the mincemeats is among my favorite pies, because of the unique blend of flavors. The mincemeats pie walks that very narrow path of things that could be a slightly sweet dinner, or a savory kind of dessert. So that means you can have it twice.
These were perfect pies.

yay pie

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