Posted: 18th November 2011 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s pie: eye-talian

The Pie Master was otherwise engaged, so Spawn of Pie Master stepped up and worked her own personal brand of magic.
The pizzas were barbeque chicken with smoked gouda (one with evil, one sans), and sundried tomato with roasted garlic… and they tasted every bit of gourmet as they appear and sound.
Every element of the pies were crafted from scratch in the Spawn’s mysterious kitchens, and the effort was apparent. The barbeque sauce on the chicken pizza was a thing of gastronomic delight, and the flavor combination of the gouda, cilantro and aforementioned barbeque was transcendent.
The sundried tomato & roasted garlic was also a symphony of flavor, with the tartness of the ‘maters being nicely tempered by the sweetness of the prodigal Allium. And the sauce was pretty tasty too.
Thank you Spawn of Pie Master.
yay pie

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