Posted: 11th November 2011 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s Pie: piña colada

The crust was firm, but tasty– a condition that I’ve come to anticipate with the cold-assembled pies. It had a very nice flavor, but a peculiar sort of density not common to the conventionally baked (convection-ally baked?) pies. Still… it was a fine crust, and I enjoyed every stroke of mastication, and every bit of taste-sensory it afforded.

The filling was a modification of the traditional cheese base, with a combination of coconut cream and rum replacing the canned milk that would normally be added. These were both welcome additions. The Pie Master also integrated a measure of ground coconut into the mix, along with fresh pineapple (not from the farm– I’m pretty sure of that).
Supplemental pineapple from a can composed the top layer, and the pie was finished with a ring of toasted coconut around the perimeter.
The tropical flavors were well represented; pineapple at the forefront, with the hint of coconut riding upon its coattails. And the taste of rum was present, but not over-conspicuous; it gave the pie a very (very) subtle bite, validating the pie’s fellowship with the eponymous drink.
This piña colada pie was better than any piña colada drink I have ever had.
It was perfect pie.

yay pie

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