Posted: 14th October 2011 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s Pie: Strawberry Rhubarb

Crust was, as one has come to expect, the very measure of perfection: perfect in color, flavor and texture, and the lattice was intricately woven.

The ratio of strawberry:rhubarb was ideal (I can’t be certain, but I’m thinking 70 to 30), with there being just enough of the sour, stalkey plant to counterpoint the tasty-tasty fruit.
There was some concern on the Pie Master’s part as to the ‘done-ness’ of the pie, as the filling hadn’t quite gotten to that molten point that indicates it’s ready, and he didn’t want to leave the pie in too long… however, his fears were unwarranted.  The filling was, indeed, done.  Now, having said that, I will concede that the rhubarb was a little more firm than usual.  But this did not detract from the pie’s favor; it merely gave the pie a different quality than we’ve been accustomed to.  And this quality was deemed ‘good’.
This was perfect pie.

yay pie

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