Posted: 30th September 2011 by affehaus in food stuffs, not a sports blog, review

Todays Pie: Red Sox 2011 commemorative raspberry chiffon

Crust was a little more crisp than usual, but that did in no way detract from it’s function or flavor. Curiously, the anomalous texture seems to be related to the fact that the pie is assembled, rather than baked. A previous chiffon pie had the same issue.
The raspberry filling was pleasant (though perhaps a little less stable than usual), and the sweet and loverly chiffon was a perfect counterpoint to the tartness of the berry. The whipped cream topping was creamy– in fact, it might have been a bit too creamy… in fact, the entire pie seemed to be suffering a bit of a collapse– thereby making it the perfect dessert to commemorate the Red Sox 2011 season.

yay pie