Posted: 26th August 2011 by affehaus in food stuffs, review

Today’s Pie: lemon chess

The crust seemed to me uncharacteristically thick… I’m not sure if it was by design, but that actually worked well with this pie. In fact, I think the crust may have been the best part.

Traditionally, the Pie Master has put meringue on his chess pies, and that has worked out perfectly.  Through a variety of events (shortage of ingredients not being the least of which), the Pie Master resorted to a cream cheese whipped topping– a topping, it must be noted, of which I am very fond.
However, the chess pie is very sweet… and with each consecutive bite, that sweetness accrued a cumulative effect. My range of appreciation ran from , mmmm, that’s really pretty good, to hmm, that’s kind of sweet… but still good, to finally: I can’t feel my mouth.
I think (and, so help me… I will throttle myself with my own small intestine if I ever voice this again) that perhaps a smaller piece would have been in order to truly appreciate the pie.
Fortunately, the substantial crust did help to offset the cloying aspect of the filling.

Yay pie.

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