Posted: 24th June 2011 by 7ucyClark in food stuffs, review

Todays Pie: Rock Pie

The crust was tasty, but regrettably, compromised.  During the baking process, cherry juice breached the crust floor and baked it onto the pie plate, making extraction a messy process*.

The filling base was an egg-custard of a most extraordinary eggy and custardy quality.
Two varietals of cherry were used to top the custard: Montmorency and North Star.  Both sour cherries, they were harvested from the farm, and were without flaw (unless one considers the pits within flaws… which, as this is a rock pie, one is not allowed to, since the absence of pits would, by definition, make it a flawed rock pie.  So, there.)

yay pie

* to be perfectly candid, one of the pieces lay on the plate like roadkill.  But we’re not telling the Pie Master that.

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