Posted: 17th June 2011 by 7ucyClark in food stuffs, review

Todays Pie: Strawberry-rhubarb

Crust was a lattice-top; a lovely and elegant structure.  Color was golden-brown, and texture was light ‘n flaky.  The light dusting of sugar enhanced both the appearance, giving the pie a jewel-like quality, and the flavor, the crust’s mild sweetness helping to bolster against the tartness of the stalky component of the filling.

That filling, a fine balance of tartness (the aforementioned stalky-thing) and sweetness from the berries.  The strawberries were frozen, and, while tasty, they did breakdown a bit during the baking process.  The filling bled copiously when the first piece was excised.  However, the hemorrhaging had no influence on the flavor.  The rhubarb was of good quality and prepared to perfection; it had a fine yielding quality to it, without being mushy.

yay pie

–and… there was bonus pie!
The Pie Master saw fit to grace us with egg pie (some call it quiche)

Yay pie!

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