Neat Trick

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…making a highway safety poster engaging and interesting.  Kudos to the Utah Highway Safety office for A. making the effort, and B. actually choosing a design that was clever.

designed by Gary Sume

Velocity as a pretext

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A prefix, I mean.

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Steampunk Peanuts

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Dr. Franklin

Dr. Franklin Stein

In his youth, Franklin was a precocious lad. Initially, his interests were given to the arts, both verbal and visual; At an early age, Franklin had exhibited the ability to quote text the Bible; it’s noted that the Old Testament had been, in his formative years, to be a source of inspiration. Additionally, the boy proved quite gifted at sums.
As he entered his later years (early teens), however, he quickly devoted himself to the sciences in an effort to better understand the mysteries of life. His father, the renowned neurologist Victor Stein, naturally encouraged the boy’s pursuits.
Following his graduation from University, Dr. Franklin began exploring the gulf between ‘life’ and ‘death’, and experimented with bridging said gulf, through a discipline which he personally pioneered– that of ‘neuro-mechs’, or, steam-powered bio-replacments; that is, external combustion prosthetics integrated into, and operated by, a body. One of his earliest efforts was a complicated bellows/frequency oscillator arrangement* for the local pedagog, M. Othmar. Amongst Dr. Franklin’s more successful designs number bionic ocular receivers developed for Miss Johnson; a fully articulated prosthetic arm for her partner Patricia Reichardt; his most notable work to date has been a fully articulated bionic body-brace, designed for 555 95472 to help control the periodic bouts of St. Vitus dance that plagued the patient.
While Dr. Franklin enjoys tinkering about with the peripheral aspects of neuro-mechs, his main interests lie in the concepts of re-animation. In the efforts to further the field toward its logical application, he’s developed what he calls the ‘Babbage Percolator’– a condensed, fully portable steam-powered figuring engine, which he hopes to use in repurposing recycled persons.
Currently, he’s working on a subject known only as ‘Shultz’.

*this was seen by many to be a success, however, Dr. Franklin was forever disappointed with the results


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Steampunk Peanuts

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The Rector Van Pelt

As ‘spiritual leader’ of the Summit Hill area, the Rector Van Pelt is frequently found delivering sermons unto the local townsfolk, and preaching the auspices and virtues of the Great Pumpkin. He wanders about the little burg in his robin’s egg blue mantle, walking staff* in hand, delivering homilies and advice, and generally trying to maintain a peaceful community.
His orations are typically well intentioned and balanced, and on his good days, he preaches tolerance and good will to men. As discord occurs, the Rector has, as a rule, acted as intermediary between belligerents, doing his best to patch the rift in a fair and expeditious manner.
In spite of being one of the younger residents of Summit Hill, the Rector Van Pelt is recognized as being also one of the most intelligent, and certainly the most philosophical.
The esteemed spiritualist has the dubious honor of being younger brother to the Dr. Van Pelt. This relationship is noteworthy in that it is entirely possible that the Rector’s life-path had been imposed upon him by his sister, not only by the abuses heaped upon him by her, but also by the insistence that he adhere to her rigidly empirical credo. It is documented that whenever possible, his sister would destroy any aspect of young Linus’ creativity, by whatever means were handy. Prior to her residency, Lucy once destroyed an adobe maquette that Linus had designed by crushing it with a velocipede. This is, by many, is considered the impetus which drove Linus to embrace the theological attitudes, in an effort to distance himself as much as possible (dogmatically and thematically) from his infamous sister.
It is known, however, that the Rector has within him a darker side, one that he is at constant war with. He is periodically taken into a foul mood (which seems to be seasonally driven), and as his melancholy is upon him, his discourses deteriorate into rants, promising suffering and damnation for all who don’t yield before his deity.
It remains a curious fact that all of the Rector’s perceived ‘enemies’ (largely those critical of his faith) have gone missing, with the singular exception of his sister.
It is of further note that the Rector Van Pelt is the object of Sally Brown’s unrequited love (to, for whatever reason, his apparent shame).

The Cult of the Great Pumpkin
To suggest that Pastor Linus is a disciple of the Cult of the Great Pumpkin would be mildly disingenuous, as he is the disciple. In spite of his best efforts and tireless proselytizing, he has failed entirely at converting anyone to his order.

AKA: the Shepherd; the ‘zealot’

*Also his principle symbol of faith, as it resembles an implement of gardening and harvest.

The Penguin

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A crucial fact omitted in almost all ornithological references: The penguin is a dangerous bird*, and it should be not be trusted. Or even left to its own devices.

*Feathers McGraw? The Bud Light Penguin? The birds from Madagascar? I’m not making this shit up, people.

Steampunk Peanuts

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Sqn Ldr Snoopy

The renowned fighter pilot Snoopy has the honor of being Squadron Leader of the Daisy Hill Irregulars, a group of attack dirigibles.
Their daring bomb runs are the things of legend, flying into heavily fortified areas and destroying targets where no other squadron was able to penetrate. On more than one occasion, Snoopy has led his team over the target, dropped the payload, and escaped, winding a serpentine route between the anti-aircraft flak exploding left and right. Only his preternatural skill as a pilot and strategist has kept them aloft.
To date, as Squadron Leader, Snoopy has lost only 7 craft, over more than 60 missions.

When not on flight duty, Snoopy is particularly fond of chow time, and has been known to do a ‘happy dance’.
He is quite gifted at impressions, and the High Command has, on more than one occasion, considered sending Snoopy in as a covert agent. No known missions have occurred to date, but it’s rumored that Agent Snoopy has infiltrated the enemy lines more than once.
While his martial exploits are (mostly) a matter of public record, the Squadron Leader’s personal life is conducted with a degree of discretion that would rival most ‘black book’ ops. All that is known is that he may have a paramour, and if he did, she may be known as ’the French Lass’.

Known aliases: Joe, Sniffy

Happy Dance

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by affehaus
(with apologies to Charles Schulz)


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Kicking the villainous John Volstead in the nuts since 1944

Coming Soon to Jaded Monkey

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Steampunk Peanuts (as they occur)