Olly Moss

Posted: 30th August 2011 by affehaus in design, movies, the List

Is an artist… I’ve posted on his work before.  I just didn’t realize it. 

His art is renowned for a variety of things, such as vision and ability to reduce an entire film into shapes and colors, and present those shapes & colors as a recognizable movie poster.

Now… it’s all well and good for Mr. Moss to have his sihlouette-design niche.  He thought of it; he explored the possibilities of what the medium could offer, and found ways of communicating a great deal, while still working within the constraints of the style.  Well done.

But now I find out the same man is responsible for the movie posters.

There is a crispness and depth to his design work that it transcends the abstract, or minimalist nature.  And while you can get, in a glance, what the image is suggesting (well– having seen the movie, that is…), it still commands attention to truly appreciate the work; to appreciate the simplicity and efficiency.

It is a proficiency that I aspire to, but one that I don’t really have any real hope in attaining.
Next to Olly Moss’ work, mine looks a bit like that scrawlings in the back of a highshcooler’s notebook.  Come to think of it… it looks a lot like the scrawlings in the back of my highschool notebooks.  Just… more digital.












Mr. Moss.  Welcome to the List.

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