New Thing Is [not] Bike

Posted: 12th September 2011 by affehaus in riding, tech, things I need

Ryno Motors (love the name) has developed an electric, balance-assisted unicycle. It’s got a range of about 30 miles, and apparently tops out around 20 mph… but it looks like serious amounts of fun. Serious amounts of fun that you can ride in the local shopping mall. I’m having visions of a new breed of skate hooligans.

The company is still in start-up mode and looking for investors, so the units aren’t scheduled for release until next year… but when they do go on sale, they’re projected to cost $4,200.
However– if you can’t wait that long, Ryno is offering limited edition, hand-built “pre-production bikes”. Each ‘bike’ [ed’s note: I don’t think that’s exactly an appropriate choice of word, as the vehicle only has one wheel… but it’s their copy] will “have all the features of [the] production bike and be accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity”. All for the nominal fee of $25,000.

Reasonable, no?

via Red Ferret

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