Mr. Hawthorne Would Like a Word…

Posted: 30th July 2011 by 7ucyClark in cultural, not a sports blog, tv

So, there’s this program on MTV called Bully Beatdown.  I’d heard of it… a friend of mine is rather fond the show (the whole ‘comeuppance’ thing appeals to her; scarred past, I imagine).

Honestly, the way she described it to me sounded pretty cool… victims contact the producers, and the TV show approaches the offending bully with an offer: get into the ring with a pro MMA fighter for the chance to win $10,000.  The bully loses increments of the total for each tap-out, with that money going to the victims.  Yeah… that sounds like a neat concept.  I’ve never really gotten into the ‘reality show’ thing… but this seems like a show that I’d be able to embrace, so to speak.
But I don’t watch TV.

Anyway, I was in the gym yesterday watching TV.  Bully Beatdown happened to be on… and, yeah– it was fun to watch.
But it got me to thinking… first, that kind’a looks like fun.  I want to play.  But it also made me wonder if the very existence of the program would promote the sort of persecution that it proposes to avenge.  Seriously… out of all the people who watch the show –and especially the sort of people who watch that show– how many are looking for people to push around, just so they can get on TV?
Furthermore, how thorough is the show in checking the validity of the participant’s claims?  Wouldn’t it be simple enough for a couple of people to contrive a story to appear on the show?

So, anyway…if there’s anyone out there that I might have menaced, intimidated, or oppressed–  I’m willing to negotiate…

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