Kegasus Rex

Posted: 30th March 2011 by 7ucyClark in design

The Preakness infield has a mascot.
Yesterday, the Maryland Jockey Club introduced Kegasus: the Lord of the Infield.

It’s creative, and appropriate to the environment it’s promoting. And, naturally, it’s causing waves.
Some of Maryland’s more refined [prudish?] citizens have taken issue with the image*, and the festivities it suggests.
“Jason Loviglio, director of media and communications studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, declared it “awful,” “depressing” and “sad,” but also predicted it would be quite effective.”
(Baltimore Sun)

Now… my first thought is, ‘who got editorial in my news reporting?’ But my second thought is to invoke the ‘It’s not for you’ clause.
The Kegasus character isn’t aimed at them. The people it is aimed at aren’t even going to be in the same areas. They’re literally fenced-in.
I understand that the people in question may be concerned that the campaign is going to further undermine the integrity of ‘their’ event; that the mythological beast is going to further incite what has historically been an infield bacchanal… and that’s possible ( but not terribly likely, as people don’t really need encouragement to behave badly…).
But the infield has been a beer and urine pit ever since I can remember.
The Lord of the Infield isn’t going to change that; he simply puts a face to it.

*though, to be fair, aside of the main quote, I really had to do some searching to find further dissent. I have faith, however, that the voice of contention will swell

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