“I’d Buy That for a Dollar!”

Posted: 27th July 2011 by 7ucyClark in book, cultural, geek stuff, movies

At dinner recently, I’d mentioned that I’d learned the movie Idiocracy was based on The Marching Morons, a short story by C. M. Korbluth… and a friend of mine volunteered that he had an anthology in which this story was collected.
So I read it, and by-golly, but there are many cultural touchstones that appear to have plot devices inspired by this story (Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Sleeper…)
However… The most conspicuous example (for me, anyway) was  Robocop.

In the world of The Marching Morons exists a popular “quiz program” produced as entertainment for the masses [think: America’s Got Talent, but with even less intellectual appeal.  And less talent].
The the host’s catch phrase…

“Would You Buy That for a Quarter?”

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