I Am Both Intrigued…

Posted: 30th July 2011 by 7ucyClark in cultural, movies, travel

and alarmed.

Universal Studios is looking to branch out.  Apparently not content to monopolize the wizardly world, they’re looking to capture the realm of torture porn.

If this report is accurate (and the source appears to be Universal Studios…) they’re planning a Hostel themed maze.  That is: a maze (something difficult to escape from), base on a traumatic experience (an experience what causes trauma).  huh
So… [and this is a quote from the press release]

“People will have a chance to experience some exact moments from their favorite ‘Hostel’ scenes, along with some new surprises.”

Right.  “experience some exact moments from… ‘Hostel’ scenes…”
Umm.. I’ve seen the movie.  I don’t want to “experience” any of it.  EVER.  Not the eyeball melting part… not the Achilles tendon snipping part…  definitely not the drilling parts…
None of it.  And the new surprises?  Gosh… I’m all out of “No thank you’s…” how about a “Fuck, no!
I might like to see how the maze is laid out– but I ain’ goin’ in.  I’m good with my connective tissue where it is.
Thanks, though.

via /Film

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