Here– Stick Your Foot In This…

Posted: 13th October 2011 by affehaus in cultural, geek stuff, things I need

I don’t wear slippers.  In fact, if I can help it, I don’t wear anything on my feet at all…
But if I had slippers like these, and a fine chapeau such as the one pictured, I would be hard pressed not to sport them where ever I went.

In fact, were it not mere days before our Run For Your Lives event, I might even pony-up the $35 ($19.99 & $14.99, respectively) necessary to acquire said accoutremonts, in the hopes that the race-zombies might percieve me as someone else’s meal.

Available at Think Geek (just in case someone wanted to put zombies on my feet.  Hello, Lucy?  Girl in the Yellow Hat?  Hello?)


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