God of Thunder Vanquished by Own Marketing

Posted: 26th April 2011 by 7ucyClark in comics, geek stuff, movies

So… I’m in the gym on my hamster wheel, and the the monitors are spewing content. I’ll watch a shiny-thing.
I am, in fact, compelled.
So a Thor spot comes up; I like Thor… I’m hoping it’s good. I want to go see it and like it and buy the DVD.
And then… the advertisement unfolded. It’s a crossover ad for Thor and Acura, the official vehicle of the Thor movie. I’m going to go on record here, and say that, while I don’t like product tie-ins, I understand that they improve a movie’s budget (naturally, at the cost of the movie’s integrity, but, still…). And if the product can be integrated seamlessly, then no harm, no foul, right? Right.
But this isn’t seamless.
The ad shows Destroyer, what I understand to be the ultimate weapon of the movie’s villain, approaching an Acura, and bathing it with what appears to be its primary distance attack. The flames disperse, and the car emerges unscathed.
The car emerges unscathed. If there’s anything that Hollywood has taught us, cars explode upon the slightest provocation.
My complaint is this: How can this is be a crisis-caliber challenge for our hero to overcome, if it can’t even blow up a fricken car? Can’t even blemish the paint!?
That’s not much of a hurdle.
Now– while I may, on occasion, indulge in hyperbole– I truly believe this ad undermines not only the integrity of the character [prop? Can an enchanted suit of armor be a ‘character’?] Destroyer, but also the strength of the movie as a whole, by virtue of that. This ad has a prolific broadcast cycle; most with a TV have probably already seen it… several times. And everyone that’s seen the ad, and goes to see the movie, is going to have in the back of their mind, “Thor’s not in any danger. That thing can’t even blow up car.” They may not hear it… but it will be there.

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