For the Cephalavore with a Sweet Tooth

Posted: 12th October 2011 by affehaus in design, food stuffs, geek stuff, the List

Now this… is Halloween candy.

Marc Brownlow had the opinion (as we all have at some point) that shelled walnuts look like brains.  His first concept was simply to coat the seed in candy…

I envisioned eating handfuls of tiny candy brains…laughing maniacally. That could be fun…

But, he eventually concluded, that wasn’t taking full advantage of the anatomical appearance of his chosen medium; he wanted skulls within which to place said brains.

I just needed a way to make the skulls. Sculpting each one with modeling chocolate would quickly become tedious, so making some sort of mold seemed like the obvious solution. Besides, modeling chocolate isn’t exactly the best tasting stuff on the planet.

So he did the obvious* thing: he created multi-part molds out of food-grade silicone.
Mr. Brownlow– I salute your vision, your ingenuity, and your initiative.
Welcome to the List.



*great whopping gobs of sarcasm

via Boing Boing

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