Footprints in the Sand [al]

Posted: 26th August 2011 by affehaus in design

Geta-style sandals with the imprint of your inner-animal.

The Ashiato (apparently means “footprint”) is available in 5 colors and 5 styles (monkey, cat, t-rex, owl, and gecko)… but only 4 sizes.  So they’re only for children, and Danny DeVito.

PffI don’t care.  I already have monkey-feet.

They do look like fun, though… and I have to imagine that they’d be good for developing strength and balance in children’s feet.
But I don’t suspect that the print-base would hold up too long if used anywhere other than the beach… or maybe wet cement.

Hmm… now I do want a pair.  Yes… some nice t-rex sandals to go stomping around Baltimore City urban improvement sites.



via Scott Beale/Laughing Squid

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