Posted: 27th July 2011 by 7ucyClark in book, design, geek stuff, the List

I’m forced to add a new person to the list of people I hate.
This is a jealous hate, mind you; nothing personal, beyond the fact that these people are gifted in someway that causes my spleen to go all Krakatoa.
Meet Mr. Wesely Remory.
He’s currently crafting a sort of Necronomicon. Hand written and illustrated.

“Since i’ve been fascinated by all things horror and macabre since childhood, especially the creatures and stories based on Lovecraft’s magnificent works…  i started drawing my own versions of Cthulhu, Father Dagon, Mother Hydra, the Deep ones… A few weeks ago i decided to draw all my Lovecraft-related works in one book.”

Well done, sir.  Welcome to the ‘List’.

found via Super Punch

  1. 7ucy says:

    I am decidedly on your side with the ‘hate/jealous’ aspect. This artist has too much time on his hands. Wow, what penmanship and the drawings are delicate and dark. Great find, JM.