Eat Of My [Brains]

Posted: 6th October 2011 by affehaus in book, geek stuff

I, and those in my social-circus circle have always been of the opinion that the truly devout are in fact zombies. Some times the appellation ‘zombie’ is metaphorical; sometimes… not so much.  I was, however, unaware that this was a widely held association until a friend of mine told me about Matt Mikalatos’ book, titled Night of the Living Dead Christians.

The book is, ostensibly, a work of fiction about a man afflicted with lycanthropy trying to come to terms with his condition, but according to the author, the work also functions as a theological exploration.

So, while a lot of theological works focus on answers, my book is more about the questions. Can human beings experience true transformation? Can we become something more than monsters? Is there a way to achieve a society without rape, injustice, violence, war, poverty and abuse? If so, is spirituality part of the answer, part of the problem or completely irrelevant?

Sounds a bit deep for my short attention span, but then the article goes on to mention some of the other elements in the narrative, including: “Zombies versus werewolves! Things on fire! A robot Jesus! Psychologists! Pet zombies! Lutherans! Secret Lairs! Theology! Ice cream! ”

Huh.  Ice cream.  I might have to check that out.

thanks to the Girl in the Yellow Hat for the link.

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