The pork mongers at J&D’s– those fine folks that brought us Bacon salt, Baconnaise, and Baconpop[corn]– are now branching out into the prestigious field of lubricants.
Bacon Lube.
That is, a personal lubricant that is bacon scented and, so it appears, flavored. Not, as one might imagine, an unguent for silencing squeaky shoats.
So, yeah… carnal acts and pigs: there’s a cultural connection, what with all the extant references to ‘sausage’, and ‘porking’ and, of course, “makin’ bacon”… but really? Is there a market for bacon lube? Beyond gag (no pun intended) gifts?
And is there a woman out there who is secure enough with her own appearance that she won’t infer, on some level, that she’s being branded a ‘pig’ if her lover starts slathering this stuff on her?
Oh, wait– I see their trying to preempt that response in the print-ad campaign.

So– there it is: Bacon lube. For everyone that wants their nether regions to smell like cured meats. You know… now that I think about it, I bet this will be huge in the south United States.

It’s interesting to see that one can get to the J&D’s home page from the bacon lube site… but you can’t get to bacon lube from their home page. Clearly, bacon lube is a ‘back room’ item.

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