Delinquent Movie [re] Views: The Bad Lieutenant

Posted: 31st March 2011 by 7ucyClark in movies, review

There are many (many) movies, current and past, that I have not seen, and have not been able to pass judgment upon… but they can’t hide forever.
Recently, Lucy and I screened The Bad Lieutenant.

“Jesus, Grandpa…”

[potential spoiler]

Right. First off—this movie falls squarely into the “Jesus, Grandpa, what did you read me this thing for?” category. It was an uncomfortable chore to get through, the way Dumb & Dumber is, except without the fun bits.
The movie is dark and depressing, and the main character is completely reprehensible.
Half way through the movie, Lucy and I debated skipping what remained and putting in an Arrested Devo. We decided to stick it out to see there was any kind of payoff.
There was… not. There was a climax, and it was dramatic, and from an analytical perspective, discussion worthy (I maintain the actions were a last ditch ‘double-or-nothing’, wagering against the final ‘collector’, and in no way altruistic), but not at all satisfying. In fact, it left us wanting.
It was kind of ‘interesting’– in a train-wreck sort of way– to watch the character’s plummet into irrevocable doom… but the very fact that it was irrevocable was what made it such a soul-suck; after a certain point, you know there’s no redemption.
Having said all of that… this may actually be a good movie. It was shot and edited well, the characters were developed, it has Mr. Wolf in it…
But we didn’t like it.
One final note: as an exercise, it’s novel to see the character of The Man With No Name pegged to the end of the scale. The Bad Lieutenant is that in its most essential form.

So… is this movie worth a rent?
Depends on your tolerance for discomfort. And how much of a Schadenfreudist you are.
On a scale of 1 to 5, I say it’s a 1.
Reviewability: Oh– Hell no.

–and for the record: I loved Dumb & Dumber

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