Vodka infused with naga chilies.

From the product page:

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Good crivvens, this stuff smells like pure evil, like the very blood of Satan himself. Such a pungent nose of chilli, it makes your eyes water just sniffing it.

Palate: Oh, actually, this stuff’s not so bad… Wait a second… What’s that… A burning sensation… Oh dear please no…

Finish: asdfkjhjj hfasjklkljfds klajkh khffjk hfjkhfjhklfhjkjfj fkjhlf

Comment: SJjkhahjklaskjhsd aasdfsd asdfasdff [Ed. He’s just mashing his hands against the keyboard and he has a look of panic and also terror as though he’s seen things no one ought ever see…]

This is a thing that falls squarely into the segment of ‘things I want’, and ‘things I should really not get my hands on’.
So, I’ll be placing an order for it at my friendly local spirits purveyor…

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