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Posted: 26th July 2012 by affehaus in comics, geek stuff, I made, tv

done on the back of an envelope Red ‘Skull’ Forman Proprietor of Red’s Muffler Shop, home of the Hydra exhaust system.

Energy Drinks for Yiffies

Posted: 26th March 2012 by affehaus in cultural, food stuffs, tv

‘Cause walking around in those furry suits takes a lot out of you. Animals wearing make-up? Man… dat’s just wronnnnng. I don’t know when ‘furries’ became a target demographic for mainstream marketers, but I imagine that this ad struck a cord with everyone sharing that predilection. All I can say is “Erp”.


Posted: 12th March 2012 by affehaus in tv

Ad. Ever. If more television spots were this well done, people wouldn’t channel surf.  

Television… You Have a Problem

Posted: 1st February 2012 by affehaus in cultural, design, tv

and the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Over at Vulture, they’ve compiled a Venn Diagram of reality shows (and thereby showing that there’s only 3 degrees of separation between “cake” and “swamp”). It’s not your imagination — there really are that many reality shows about swamps, weddings, Louisiana, and […]

Beavis & Butt-Head

Posted: 24th January 2012 by affehaus in design, geek stuff, tv

larger than life & twice as ugly

This Just In: Corporation Has Head Up Ass

Posted: 5th January 2012 by affehaus in cultural, food stuffs, tv

Doritos is running a ‘write our ad for us’ competition, which is, on the surface, a brilliant idea. They get publicity from the contest, and someone else does the brilliant creative bit so that Frito Lay doesn’t have to pony-up further monies to an advertising agency. But then they go rejecting this: Now, I’ve watched […]

Hitherto Unknown Ancestral Links

Posted: 20th December 2011 by affehaus in miscellaneous, tv

Sci Fi Channel Has Been Sniffing Glue

Posted: 6th December 2011 by affehaus in tv

“Imagine Greater” is their current slogan. I can’t help but think that should read, ‘Imagine Grammar’. It was bad when they forsook the natural spelling of the genre that gives them their identity, and ‘streeted’ it up into what looks like (I realize I’m not the first to observe this; I don’t care) short-hand for […]


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where the ‘M’ stands for “Muppet” Trying to come to terms with this one, and all of the implications it suggests… well, it’s just a bit overwhelming. I feel like I’m having a religious experience. via